Tea Towels (New)

Based on Pam's Botanical Collage Series

28" x 18"        100% Cotton


67" x 25"  Silk Blend  


8" x 10" Framed.  Also available in custom sizes

Animals: Over 100+

click the image for over 100 animal choices

Boats: Series of 12

click image for more boat choices

Linocuts: Series of 25

click image for more linocut choices

Cards (Set of 10): Botanicals

Based on Pam's Botanical Series

Cards (Set of 10): Black & White Linocuts

Based on Pam and  Gert's Linocuts  

Cards (Set of 10): Gert Mathiesen Art

Based on Gert's Paintings  

Dog Pillows (New)

Based on Gert Mathiesen's Linocuts  

16" x 16"    100% Cotton