Smilow+Mathiesen collaborated with Weitzner Limited, a fabric and wallcovering firm, to introduce their art into a new interior design medium. One wallcovering and two fabric designs—each in multiple colorways—are available to interior designers through Weitzner reps and showrooms.  To find one in your area, visit click here .


Freehand, an indoor/outdoor fabric, captures the texture of the original artwork by Smilow Mathiesen with it’s double-cloth weave, giving it two very distinct colors throughout. Available in five festive colorways.


This bold yet playful wallcovering was inspired by the abstract, graphic artwork of Smilow Mathiesen. While digitally printed, this wallcovering has a tactile texture created by the textured substrate, as well as a visual texture from the flow of brushstrokes in the artwork. Available in three colorways; one of them representing the original artwork, while additional colorways appeal to modern interiors.


Large scale and multi-colored, Aviary stays true to the whimsical and gestural quality of the Smilow Mathiesen mural it is based on. Available in two vibrant colorways, including one that represents the original painting, this indoor/outdoor fabric will add fantasy to any space.

Screenshot 2018-08-21 14.26.36.png